CWA-Envoy Bargaining Report, April 19, 2019

We continued to bargain with the company on Thursday in Dallas. Envoy agents Martha Chentis (ORD), Shannon Kitchen (LCH), and Takisha Gower (DFW) joined us again to observe bargaining. While there were some positive results from the meeting, the company's position is unacceptable.

Envoy did not offer a formal response to the comprehensive proposal addressing our major concerns that we put forward on Wednesday. They do not plan to respond until after the mediation begins in May.

First the positive: Envoy negotiators indicated that they would take a closer look at our proposal to increase Part Time Vacation and improve the bonus payouts. We discussed schedule bidding issues related to above the wing and below the wing. We hope to come to a favorable resolution on this issue during Friday's session. We also discussed discipline related to Travel Benefit infractions and agreed on a favorable interpretation of the language.

However, the company made it very clear that they do not intend to meet our demands for significant wage increases or a reduction in the length of the agreement. This is unacceptable! We will continue to fight for livable wages and a fair contract!

We cannot emphasize enough: Our power at the bargaining table depends on you. Envoy management must see and hear from agents at every station demanding change. At yesterday's DFW rally, agents sent a strong message to Envoy that we are united and fighting back.

We need to continue to heat up our mobilization efforts at every station. Let management at your station know that you are standing with your co-workers to demand a fair contract. Wear your CWA pins and stickers. If you need more pins and stickers or are interested in joining your station's Mobilization Team, send a message to [email protected] today.

When we fight, we win! In unity,

Pat O'Neil, Chair, CWA Bargaining Committee
Marge Krueger, Director, CWA Airline Passenger Service De Anna Davis, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, LCH Chris Haight, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, TVC James McKnight, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, MIA Janet Padgett, Envoy Passenger Service Agent, LAX

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