Bargaining Updates

On the second day of mediation in Dallas, our bargaining team met with the mediator for most of the morning.

Mediation opened in Dallas today, with Toby Lane (SGF) and Susanne Skowronski (ORD) joining our first meeting with the federal mediator and company representatives.

Our bargaining team will meet with Envoy negotiators and a mediator from the National Mediation Board (NMB) next week from May 20-22.

Our CWA-Envoy bargaining committee met with the Envoy committee May 30-31. The company made a counter proposal on Wages, which contained a modest increase. We offered counter proposals on Benefits; General; and Training, Travel Pay, and Expenses. We had intense discussions on all these issues as well as Vacations and Overtime. We are now working on a counter proposal on Wages because the company’s latest proposal is not good enough. We reached agreement on General, which includes language on parking, costs associated with badges, and viewing your personal records.

Your Bargaining Committee met with the Envoy committee from March 13-15. In our last bargaining session (Jan 30-Feb 2), we made a counter proposal covering all outstanding items. At the start of this round, the Envoy committee made proposals on Classifications, Training, Sick Leave, Uniforms, and Shift Trades. We reached agreements on Sick Leave and Uniforms. The company countered our proposals on Overtime and Compensation. We countered all of the company's proposals and discussed each one in detail.

Your CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Envoy committee from January 30 – February 2.

Your CWA Bargaining Committee passed a comprehensive proposal including all articles not agreed to previously: Leaves of Absence, Furlough, Uniforms, Holidays, Vacations, Training, Sick Leave, Wages and Benefits, as well as a new wage proposal.

Your CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Envoy Committee on November 28-30. On November 28, we passed the only counter proposal not previously submitted. The Company passed a comparison of carriers in the industry. On November 29, the Company submitted part of a comprehensive counter proposal, which included articles on Furlough/Recall, General, Holiday, Shift Differentials, Sick Leave, Uniforms, and Overtime. Each of these has an economic impact.
Your CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Envoy committee on October 31-November 1.
Your CWA bargaining committee met with the Envoy company committee on September 26-28. The bargaining committees had lengthy conversations on shift trades, classifications, and a flow through agreement. We reached tentative agreement on Attendance at Hearings and Investigations, Profit Sharing, and Part-Time Employees.
Your bargaining committee met with Envoy's committee on August 29-31. Over the three days several counter proposals were exchanged by Envoy and CWA. We discussed several subjects, which should move us closer to agreements on those issues. The Union made counter proposals on Shift Swaps, Training and Transfers, and Scope. CWA proposed that the Ground Security Coordinators be included in the bargaining unit.
Your CWA bargaining committee met with the Envoy Bargaining Committee from July 25-27. To begin, Envoy presented counter proposals on Schedule Bidding. The Union gave counter proposals on Filling of Vacancies and Schedule Bidding. There were several passes made on these proposals until we reached agreement on both.