CWA-Envoy Agent Advisory Council

The duties of Council members are to: •Attend meeting on Feb. 23 & 24 in Dallas to review bargaining survey results and elect the bargaining team that will meet with the company to negotiate the contract. •Work with the bargaining team to make sure agents stay informed and involved throughout the bargaining process. •Help build mobilizing/organizing committees at the stations they cover. •Participate in conferences calls with the bargaining team and regional meetings to keep their stations up to date about negotiations. •Relay information about issues at the stations they cover to the bargaining team so the team is kept aware of developments affecting agents around the system. How do I nominate myself? Note: In order to run for the Advisory Council you must be a union member. Nominations must be received by 5:00 pm Eastern on Monday, Jan. 11, 2016. Send an email to [email protected] with your name, station, employee ID #, and a phone number (required) so someone can call you to get a brief description of why you want to be on the Council. OR Call 844-292-4284 and leave your name, station, employee ID and phone number and you will receive a call back to confirm your nomination and get a description of your reasons for running. Below is the list of station clusters.  Each cluster of stations will elect 2 members to the Advisory Council who will be responsible for representing those locations. For example, if I work at DSM and I am elected to the Council, I will cover the stations in cluster 15 – CID, DBQ, DSM, FSD, MLI, ASE & GJT. 1 - BRO, LBB, LRD, CRP, ELP, HOB, SAF 2 - ABI, GRK, AMA, MAF, SPS, ACT, SJT, LAW 3 - IAH, HOU, LFT, AEX, CLL 4 - BPT, LCH, GGG, TYR, SHV, MLU, BTR 5 - ICT, JLN, SGF, MHK 6 - LIT, FSM, XNA, TXK 7 - BHM, MEM, CHA, TYS, JAN 8 - RSW, TLH, JAX, EYW, PNS 9 - MOB, SAV, CHS, RDU, GSP, GSO 10 - MSN, MKE, LSE, RST, GRB 11 - AVO, TVC, MQT, FNT, GRR 12 - BNA, LEX, SDF, EVV, FWA 13 - CVG, CLE 14 - CMH, DAY, TOL, PIA, CMI 15 - CID, DBQ, DSM, FSD, MLI, ASE, GJT 16 - PSP, SAN, SBA 17 - MRY, SMF, PDX 18 - ALB, ART, BDL, BUF, ROC, SYR 19 - PIT, AVP, MDT 20 - LAX 21 - JFK, LGA 22 - MIA 23 - DFW 24 - ORD