Delivering your message to DC

35 Envoy agents from stations around the country came to Washington DC Wednesday to visit 18 members of Congress. The message your co-workers delivered was simple: we want an election without delay. Our jobs are being outsourced and other workgroups have been awarded performance bonuses, meanwhile we have no voice and have to accept what we get. In our visits to Capitol Hill, agents told elected officials their story - the reasons that we've organized and the need for the NMB election process to work fairly and quickly. Everyone we met with was impressed when they saw the "don't divide us, let us vote" petitions signed by over 1,200 agents. Many committed to keeping an eye on the process and expressed their support for a fair election without delay.
Coming together makes a difference. Members of Congress now know our story and how important it is that the NMB process works so we can finally gain a voice on the job.