Election Information

Our voice was heard - We have an Election! TUESDAY, OCT. 27:   Voting starts! Look out for an envelope from the National Mediation Board TUESDAY, NOV. 3: If you haven’t received voting instructions, request duplicate from NMB TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17: Deadline to request duplicate instructions. Download form at www.envoyagents.org Form must be sent to: NMB, Legal Affairs Dept, 1301 K Street NW, Suite 250 East Washington DC 20005 TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24: Voting ends, NMB announces results Teresa MIA 2

"When I heard we had a date to vote, I got so excited because in less than a week after we went to Washington, we saw results.  It proved that together we can achieve our goals." - Teresa Aybar, MIA

RSW Limeberger

"We fought hard to get our voice heard in D.C.  Congress listened and now we need to let our voice be heard by voting yes. RSW is ready – together we are ENVOY strong and we are ready for the election!  We deserve this – we’re expected to do more on the job than AA agents for a lot less pay." - Robin Limeberger, RSW

BPT Shannon Kitchen

"With a united voice we made Washington listen, and with a united voice we will take control of our future. CWA Yes!" - Shannon Kitchen, BTP


"The first part of our mission was a success: Washington heard us and got moving. Now we need to finish the job: Go Vote!"- DeAnna Davis, BPT

Brandi Smith (CRP)

"We will finally get the voice we've been needing at Envoy for a very long time! I'm excited for current and future employees at Envoy. What an amazing thing to be a part of!" - Brandi Smith, CRP

"I'm excited that we made a difference in DC. We're on our way to a union now - I hope everyone will get on board for this final push!" - Arissa Faglie, LAW
"Our voice was heard in Washington and  now its our turn to get out the vote for ourselves and our families" - Tom Robertson, JLN