Interim agreement reached on reduction in force/furlough procedures

Your CWA Bargaining Team has reached an interim agreement on reduction in force/furlough procedures. The interim agreement, which will remain in force until members ratify their first collective bargaining agreement, clarifies the process by which employees can be furloughed and provides new rights.
Employees may be furloughed based on staffing needs at each station. In case of a furlough, the company will provide at least 30 days notice to the employee and the union. Seniority will be used to determine furloughs. Volunteers will be solicited at the affected station and, if there are not enough volunteers, furloughs will be made by inverse seniority. Furloughed employees will have the option to fill vacancies for which they are qualified at other stations.
Employees with at least six months of service who are furloughed will receive a lump sum retention allowance based on their length of service, and they will have recall rights to jobs for which they are qualified for 24 months.
In solidarity,
Marge Krueger
Administrative Director, CWA District 2-13