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On June 21, our bargaining team reached a tentative agreement (TA) with Envoy which raises wages, establishes work rules, and improves benefits and job security over the previous TA.

Today our CWA bargaining team reached a tentative agreement (TA) with Envoy Air for our first collective bargaining agreement.

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Wednesday's bargaining session was long and busy. We met with the federal mediator and the company to try to make improvements on our previous tentative agreement. The company introduced a new proposal that attempted to address your most significant concerns. Wednesday's proposal from the company was an improvement over their previous proposal, but still fell short, so that we could not consider bringing it to you for a vote.

Our CWA bargaining team resumed bargaining in Pittsburgh today. Toby Lane, an agent at SGF, joined the team. To start off the session, we had a lengthy meeting with the mediator from the National Mediation Board. We explained why our proposals address the issues which are essential to reaching an agreement. The mediator then met with the company's bargaining team.  

I've worked for Envoy at SGF for three years, and I love my job. We're a small station, so I basically do everything above and below the wing. I work with great people, and that's a big part of why I became a union activist. I want a level playing field so that every Envoy worker has a fair chance to excel. I want an end to poverty wages so we can support ourselves and our families.

As we reported earlier this week, our CWA bargaining team met with the company and a mediator from the National Mediation Board on Monday and Tuesday. Our previously scheduled session on Wednesday was canceled because the company had not come to Dallas prepared to respond to the proposal that we made at our April bargaining session. The mediator instructed everyone to arrive at our next meeting in Pittsburgh on June 18 prepared to offer proposals.