CWA-Envoy Bargaining Update - March 20, 2018

Your Bargaining Committee met with the Envoy committee from March 13-15. In our last bargaining session (Jan 30-Feb 2), we made a counter proposal covering all outstanding items. At the start of this round, the Envoy committee made proposals on Classifications, Training, Sick Leave, Uniforms, and Shift Trades. We reached agreements on Sick Leave and Uniforms. The company countered our proposals on Overtime and Compensation. We countered all of the company's proposals and discussed each one in detail. With regard to the Overtime issue, the company has said it does not want to allow time spent in training or equal swap hours to count toward the 40 hours required to qualify for overtime. This is an important issue because it could have a major impact on your wages if you work hours beyond your shift. Although the company's wage proposal did increase from our last meeting, we still feel it's unacceptable and we are still far apart on wages. Our next bargaining dates are May 29-31 because the Envoy negotiators cannot meet in April. We advised the company that we are available to meet at any time to reach a fair agreement. Next month, it will be two years since we started bargaining. We really appreciate the support and solidarity members continue to demonstrate. We must stand together and show the company we're united and ready to fight for the contract we deserve. Stay informed by following us on Facebook or visit our website at, where you can sign up for email and text updates. One day longer! One day stronger!

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