Envoy Air Bargaining Update August 29-31

Your bargaining committee met with Envoy's committee on August 29-31. Over the three days several counter proposals were exchanged by Envoy and CWA. We discussed several subjects, which should move us closer to agreements on those issues. The Union made counter proposals on Shift Swaps, Training and Transfers, and Scope. CWA proposed that the Ground Security Coordinators be included in the bargaining unit. Envoy presented a counter proposal on Seniority, and the two sides reached agreement. This article clearly states that a member will accrue company seniority from the date of most recent hire and occupational seniority from the date they enter the bargaining unit. Anywhere a member transfers in the bargaining unit their occupational seniority and company seniority will transfer with them. Company seniority will be used for vacation accrual and vacation bidding. Occupational seniority will be used for work schedule preferences, bidding, transfer, reduction in force, and recall. The next bargaining dates are September 26-28. We have nine bargaining dates scheduled.